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703 Carondelet St. New Orleans, LA 70130
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What We Believe

We believe the key to a happy life is working hard and living easy. This simple idea is the foundation for Moss-Bauer, a new residential complex located at the corner of modern convenience and old New Orleans charm. The exterior of the building stands as a historical tribute to the architecture and history of the Crescent City. The inside is a celebration of your success.

We are a home for the movers and shakers. For the artists and entrepreneurs. For the people who make it happen. Our promise to you is a higher quality of life in an environment as unpretentious as the city it calls home.

Moss-Bauer may not be your last stop on the way to the top, but the view looks
great from here.

Moss-Bauer 703 Carondelet

Storied Beginning

According to the Southeastern Architectural Archive and the School of Architecture Library at Tulane University, the life of the Bauer building (which faces Carondelet) dates back to the first half of the last century.

Moss-Bauer Building New Orleans

During this time Rathbone DeBuys, a New Orleans architect, was hired to design a “skyscraper type” medical complex. Built at a cost of $200K and completed in 1928, the five-story structure was named the James H. Batchelor Building. The modern-at-the-time building contained “an elevator and was sheathed in limestone with polychromed ‘marble’ embellishments.”

In 1931, the building became the new home of the New Orleans School Board and was renamed after former Superintendent, Nicholas Bauer. In January 2011, the Bauer Building and the adjoining Moss Clinic

Building were purchased by 703 Carondelet, LLC. “Prior to purchasing these historic buildings, many friends and acquaintances remarked to me that it would be a shame to let these beautiful buildings continue to deteriorate. By converting to luxury apartments and fully restoring the buildings, we have given new life and purpose to these architectural jewels which will be cherished and enjoyed by its occupants for years to come,” said 703 Carondelet LLC, managing member and commercial real estate developer, Steve Montagnet.

Restoring a New Orleans Gem

Moss-Bauer has been beautifully brought back to life with an acute attention to detail. To create a modern luxury living space while simultaneously honoring the storied past of the building, various parts of the original architecture are showcased and repurposed in a bold new design. Keep an eye out for refurbished emergency fire hose wheels, vintage warehouse style windows, and bathroom countertops made from reclaimed marble. Combine this with hardwood floors, granite countertops, and tall ceilings with lots of overhead lighting for a finishing touch that feels slick and minimal without trying too hard.

Moss-Bauer Restoration
Moss Bauer Building